Networking Services (Office - Home - Wireless)

Business Networks

We sell and install your small business network. From computer sales, to wiring services, to broadband sharing, to network administration, AAccess acts as your outsourced IT department for all your networking needs.

Wireless Networks

We sell, install and administer your wireless networks. Whether a wireless office network, or a free or paid public access network, we can handle every aspect of your wireless networking needs.

Home Networks

We install and service wired or wireless networks for any sized home.

No matter how many devices you connect, your home network will always be fast and reliable.

  • APC
  • Linksys
  • Hewlett Packard
  • intel
  • Netgear

Let AAccess help you with all your wireless needs

SOHO network

Share your broadband connection inside and outside your house. Use your laptops anywhere, and connect desktop computers without having to install wiring.

Small business wireless networks

Create hotspots in your office or factory allowing the use of mobile computers, or of networked computers where traditional wiring would be difficult to install.

Commercial hotspots

Create hotspots for your clients or visitors to use with their laptop computers.

These hotspots can be configured as free or subscription based.

Typical installations would include hotels, clubs, schools, convention centers, etc.