T1 and T3 Internet Services

No FIOS? No CABLE? High availability required with SLAs?

You need dedicated T1 or higher bandwidth.

We can help you with your dedicated broadband needs by giving you the best product for your needs and budget from any of the country’s top broadband providers including:

  • AboveNet
  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Clear
  • Cogent
  • Comcast Business
  • Earthlink
  • Global Crossing
  • Level(3) Communications
  • Lightpath
  • McGraw Communications
  • MegaPath
  • MetTel Telecommunications
  • New Edge Networks
  • Nitel
  • One Communications
  • Optimum Business
  • Powerstream
  • Qwest
  • Savvis
  • Sprint
  • Telepacific Telecommunications
  • Time Warner Business Class
  • TW Telecom
  • Verio
  • Verizon
  • Windstream Communications
  • XO Communications

The following chart shows some of the standard methods of delivering dedicated connections.

Standard Speed Delivery T1 compare T3 compare
T1/DS1 1.54Mbps Copper Pair 1x -
T3/DS3 45Mbps Copper Coax 28x -
CABLE 50Mbps Copper Coax 30x -
FIOS 50Mbps Fiber Optic 30x -
OC-3 155Mbpx Fiber Optic 84x 3xT3
OC-12 622Mbps Fiber Optic 336x 12xT3
OC-48 2588Mbps Fiber Optic 1344x 48xT3
OC-192 9953Mbps Fiber Optic 5376x 192xT3